Health Projects

Overview of health project.

The health project has been working with the youth group at Hordle, we have so far covered topics such as smoking cessation, alcohol awareness and sexual health, with an average of 15 young people attending and two young people quitting smoking for a short period of time, the outcomes of these sessions have been very positive. We are also planning to carry out mental health, internet safety and substance misuse in the next term.

He now have a health visitor attending the Burnt house lane crèche once a month, who interacts with both the parents and the children and has been able to support parents with information about measles, chicken pox, hearing tests alongside other general parenting advice.

We have also set up a coffee morning at the Kanes hill site, which will happen one morning a week and give the site residents a chance to talk, gain information and advice on topics important to them.

We have been in contact with Hart Voluntary Action to try and set up multi-agency working at the Penny Hill site and provide them with health information and awareness sessions.

The steering group has now become a Hampshire Wide Delivery Group, which consists of numerous professionals from a wide range of health professions across Hampshire and are working to achieve the aim of an integrated multi-agency action plan.

Overview of Family learning at Burnt House Lane

The group are working well together and we have some new attendees who have integrated into the group well, we now have 7 regular attenders. One of the males that attend the group, had very limited numeracy skills when he first began attending, and he can now relay his 2,3,4,5 and 10 multiplication sums and is very proud of his achievements. We have entered three individuals in for their level 2 numeracy and one individual in for level one numeracy, whilst the other attendees are working towards a certified qualification. The group will have completed their exam

Overview of Tynefield.

The crèche at Tynefield continues to be a successful session, with a lot of the younger aged children on the site joining more recently, on average we have approximately 6 children between the ages of 1-5 attending on a regular basis, some of the parents have seen the value of the sessions are being supported to access pre-school for their children. Some of the older children in the crèche have recently transitioned to the after school group and have integrated well. We have noticed that one little girl, who has been attending the group for a while, has increased in confidence, her speech and ability to inform people of her wishes

The after school group is continuing to run well, we have covered health topics, cultural topics and educational activities. We have an average of 8 children attending at present due to a large family, with 5 children leaving the site, our numbers have dropped, but this has meant we have been able to undertake more advanced activities with the group.